Smart Image Resize Pro for WooCommerce v1.7.8n

Smart Image Resize Pro for WooCommerce v1.7.8n

Making WooCommerce Images the Same Size and Uniform Without Cropping
Make your WooCommerce store look professional with product images that are all uniform and the same size. No cut-off, zero-configuration, and no more manual image editing and photo resizing.

Resizing images shouldn’t be a nightmare
Resized In a Smart Way
Make all images the same size without cropping while preserving the aspect ratio and the website layout.

Trim Image Whitespace
Remove unwanted whitespace around image.

Custom Background Color
Set a custom background color of the emerging (new created) area to fit your website design.

Take Control of Generated Thumbnails
Almost every theme creates different sizes, take control of which sizes to generate by selecting only the concerned ones.

Boost Speed with WebP Format
WebP is the rockstart of image formats. It can reduce image size by up to 90% while still providing transparency and the same quality.

Convert to JPG for Faster Loading
Page speed is important when it comes to WooCommerce stores. Converting images to JPG format is highly advised to speed up pages.

Insert Watermark (Coming soon)
Insert an image or text to attract new potential customers through search engines, and keep images safe from unauthorized use.

Prerequisite: Regenerate Thumbnails

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