WooCommerce AliExpress Shipment Tracking v1.1.11

WooCommerce AliExpress Shipment Tracking v1.1.11

This plugin utilize functional to add tracking numbers to WooCommerce orders, track them using special tracking service (get detailed information about tracking codes you get from AliExpress suppliers) and send those data to your customers by email.
Main features:

  • Show tracking numbers in email notifications for your customers
  • Show them in your client personal accounts and on the order page for site administrator
  • Integrate with tracking services: 17Track, Cainiao, AfterShip
  • Add a tracking form on your website using a special short-code
  • Customize the tracking templates for email notifications, personal accounts and admin panelc

Features that require AfterShip API Key

  • Daily automatic synchronization of tracking information
  • Automatic detection of carrier code by tracking number
  • Automatic changing of the WooCommerce order status if related tracking numbers get the “Delivered” state
  • Manual synchronization function for specific tracking numbers
  • Split tracking numbers into groups depending on their state: Pending, Shipped, Delivered, etc.

Do you need step-by-step documentation for the plugin?
It’s available here.
Also there is the video instruction.

Tracking numbers and links in emails, customers accounts and in WooCommerce admin panel
Attach tracking numbers to email notifications for your clients. Also the tracking link of the appropriate tracking service will be included in the email.

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