[4.1.1] NinjaFirewall (WP + Edition) Nulled

[4.1.1] NinjaFirewall (WP + Edition) Nulled

NinjaFirewall (WP + Edition) is a true web application firewall. Although it can be installed and configured as a plugin, it is a standalone firewall, which is located in front of WordPress.

– The fastest and most effective protection against brute force attacks for WordPress.
– Intercepts and cleans up all HTTP requests before they reach WordPress, as well as the body of the response.
– Support for multiple sites.
– Powerful access control (user role, IP, geolocation, URL, bot / user agent, speed limit).
– Event notifications.
– Centralized logging.
– Logging a system log.

Some of its features are:

  •  Powerful filtering engine.
  •  Stand alone Web Application Firewall.
  •  Protects against remote & local file inclusions, code execution, uploads, SQL injections, bots and scanners, XSS, PHP objection injection, privilege escalation and many other threats.
  •  Fastest and most efficient brute-force attack protection for WordPress.
  •  Hooks and sanitises all HTTP requests before they reach WordPress, as well as the response body.
  •  Multi-site support.
  •  Powerful access control (User Role, IP, Geolocation, URL, Bot/User-Agent, rate-limiting).
  •  Event notifications.
  •  Centralized logging.
  •  Syslog Logging.
  •  GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance.
  •  And many more…

We offer two versions:

  • WP Edition: A free open-source version.
  • WP+ Edition: A supercharged edition that adds many new exciting features and blazing fast performances to make it the fastest and most advanced security plugin for WordPress.

NinjaFirewall (WP + Edition) NULLED Demo

NinjaFirewall (WP + Edition) 4.1.1 NULLED Download

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