AZ Video and Audio Player Addon for Elementor v2.0.0

AZ Video and Audio Player Addon for Elementor v2.0.0

“AZ Video and Audio Player Addon for Elementor” – is a simple, lightweight and customizable HTML5, YouTube, Vimeo & mp3 media player that supports all devices. It supports all the major file formats for audio & video. Included audio & video player widget / addon has lots of customization options, using those options you can change the player settings and colors how you want.

  • Supports youtube video
  • Supports vimeo video
  • Supports HTML5 Video & Audio
  • Supports MP3 & MP4
  • Customize player colors to match with your brand colors
  • Compatible on all mobile & desktop devices
  • Fullscreen
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Supports picture-in-picture mode
  • Adjust speed on the fly
  • Autoplay
  • Loop
  • Initial Volume
  • Change seek time length
  • Enable/Disable control icons after 2 second
  • Enable/Disable control labels
  • Define initial speed
  • Display your own preview thumbnail for video
  • Very lightweight
  • Works with all themes

Video player widget/addon options

  • Video Type (YouTube/Vimeo/HTML5)
  • Youtube Video ID
  • Vimeo Video ID
  • Vimeo Video ID
  • Enable/Disable Autoplay
  • Enable/Disable Loop
  • Initial Volume
  • Click To Play
  • Display Time As Countdown
  • Seek Time
  • Hide Control Icons After 2 second
  • Back To Start After End
  • Enable Keyboard Shortcuts On Focus
  • Enable Keyboard Shortcuts Globally
  • Display Control Labels
  • Display Seek Tooltip
  • Enable Fullscreen Toggle
  • Initial Speed
  • Show/Hide control options (Play, Play Large, Progress Bar, Current Time, Mute Volume, Caption, Settings Icon, PIP, AIR Play,
  • Full Screen) and
  • Design customize options

Audio player widget/addon options

  • Audio Source (Upload Audio/Audio Link)
  • Autoplay
  • Loop
  • Display Time As Countdown
  • Seek Time
  • Display Seek Tooltip
  • Initial Speed and
  • 20+ Syling options

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