e-ProForm Extended - e-Addons for Elementor 1.8.3

e-ProForm Extended – e-Addons for Elementor 1.8.3

In our minds the elementor form should have been an all-around useful tool, adaptable to numerous needs and able to satisfy the creativity desires of professionals and hobbyists.
The elementor form we had in mind and dreamed of, is now a reality shared with you.
We have thought of everything, even what you do not imagine, but which you will no longer be able to do without.
e-ProForm Extended is the ultimate tweaks kit for elementor form.

  • Extension Field Height
  • Query Field
  • Choose extension
  • Switcher extension
  • Repeater Field
  • Rating Field
  • Color Field
  • Min-Max Length Extension
  • Submit Field
  • Signature Field
  • Reset Field
  • Address Field
  • Show Password Extension
  • Date Format Extension
  • Inline Option Extension
  • Pattern and Mask Extension
  • On Change Extension
  • Option Field Extension
  • Slider Number Field Extension
  • More Width Field Extension
  • Submit Button Field Extension
  • Wysiwyg Field
  • Form Method
  • Calculator Field
  • Select2 Field Extension
  • Description Help Field Extension
  • Field Icons Extension

Note please install both files (Need nulled e-addons-for-elementor (provided) to work properly )

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