MP3 Audio Player Plugin for WordPress By Sonaar v4.1.2

MP3 Audio Player Plugin for WordPress By Sonaar v4.1.2

MP3 VERY GOOD MUSIC PLAYER by Sonaar is an extremely easy Audio Person for WordPress. It offers you the capability to add unlimited amounts of playlists, albums and sound files to any blog post and custom posts making use of our Elementor Widget, Gutenburg or indigenous shortcodes with a great deal of attributes. It’s extremely flexible and simple to use.

You can screen an optional jaw-dropping waveform bar under all of your audio person powered by WaveSurfer.js. Our MUSIC PLAYER is super effortless to use, includes a great deal of features and the look and UX is quite professional.

There is 3 easy methods to use the gamer. Upload your MP3 record from your own page, post, custom posting or immediately in Elementor!

1) If you are using Elementor, just put the MUSIC PLAYER Elementor Widget.
2) If you are using Gutenburg, just increase the Music player Gutenburg block.
3) Or you should use our custom made shortcode anywhere!

“If you want an mp3 participant for the website, just use MP3 VERY GOOD MUSIC PLAYER by Sonaar. You aren’t likely to find anything better…” – Intarwebsdeveloper
“This is without doubt the best Audio Gamer plugin I’ve found for WP … if you are attempting to create a large music catalogue. Kudos guys!!” – Nebsounds
“This plugin is actually AMAZING. Thanks a lot for build this!!” – Walterk7


View live demos here
Watch Videos Tutorial


Zero XML, JSON or FTP must utilize this HTML5 audio person! Merely upload your MP3 or M4A tracks within WordPress and put the playlist anywhere on your own site applying Gutenburg, shortcode or through the use of Elementor! This free of charge plugin will immediately fetch metadata from your own documents to autocomplete the album titles & track brands.

It’s a completely responsive MP3 player also it works on desktop computer, tablets, along with other mobile devices!


This professional audio player provides been created by our design experts. With over 15 yrs of working experience as UI/UX Style and WP Development, we’ve come up among the best, easy-to-employ, feature-abundant plugin to participate in audio record on your site. It’s a pixel-perfect VERY GOOD MUSIC PLAYER for WordPress with awesome waveform.( Waveform can be known as audio tracks spectrum visualizer, soundwave, visible equalizer, wavesurfer or music sound graphic).

TONS OF Capabilities​


  • Create endless audio albums & playlists
  • Upload unlimited MP3/M4A data files
  • Support MP3, sound streaming and radio streaming
  • Upload sound files from any posts, tailor made posts or web pages
  • Embed audio gamers using shortcodes
  • Embed audio players employing our Elementor Widget (NEW!)
  • Embed audio participants using our Gutenburg Prevent (NEW!)
  • Totally support Elementor Page Builder
  • Real-moment Dynamic Soundwave FX (Waveform by wavesurfer.js) or even Man made Soundwave for faster loading
  • Unlimited colour for the MP3 widget
  • Add Buy Today or Download Now switches (back links to any URL) for every track & album
  • Support WooCommerce
  • Assist for Easy Digital Downloads
  • Support for Search engines Fonts
  • Immediately fetchs ID3 Tags from your own MP3 files and show an optional MP3 waveform chart.
  • Zero XML, Json or perhaps FTP is necessary. Upload and set up everything through WordPress.
  • Present/Hide tracklist of one’s MP3 audio gamer
  • Cover album next to the sound widget is optional
  • Add social icons for every of your current tracks such as for example “Download”, “Buy tracks”, “SoundCloud”, etc.
  • Add call-to-action buttons for every of your album such as for example “Listen in Spotify, SoundCloud, BandCamp”, etc.”
  • HTML5 Participant so it’s fully responsive, mobile-friendly and have fun with across all plateforms.
  • Check our Professional version for considerably more exciting attributes…


We help any MP3 data and these streaming systems:
– Icecast
– Libsyn
– Stitcher
– Shoutcast
– Acast
– Amazon S3
– Podbean
– SoundCloud Podcasts
– Buzzsprout
– Simplecast
– Spreaker
– Audioboom
– CastBox
– Anchor

You cannot stream directly from these services:
x Spotify
x SoundCloud Tunes
x Apple Podcast
x Google Podcast
x YouTube
x MixCloud


Established Shortcode:
[sonaar_audioplayer albums=”YOUR_PLAYLIST_ID”]

albums – The post ID of one’s playlist you need to display. Necessary. IDs simply separated by way of a comma
show_track_market – Will display your monitor’s retail outlet icons beside all of your track. Value: legitimate or false. Default: correct
show_album_market – Will show your playlist’s retailer icons under your playlist. Value: true or fake. Default: true
store_title_text – Change CURRENTLY AVAILABLE by any string. Benefit: String. Default: “Accessible Now”
hide_artwork – Can hide your album deal with. Value: true or fake. Default: false
remove_participant – Will disable and take away the waveform below your person. Value: true or fake. Default: false
wave_shade – Specify the colour of one’s waveform to bypass the plugin setting up’s color: Value. hexa coloring. Default: Plugin adjustments
wave_progress_colour – Specify the colour of your advancement bar over your waveform to bypass the plugin establishing’s shade. Value: hexa coloring. Default: Plugin configurations
express_playlist – Will either or not exhibit the playlist above your gamer control. Value: real or false. Default: genuine

[sonaar_audioplayer albums=”6″ conceal_artwork=”” display_playlist=”true” show_track_market=”true” present_album_market=”a fact” wave_color=”#000000″ wave_improvement_color=”#CCCCCC”][/sonaar_audioplayer]

Press here for a complete set of Shortcode Attributes

WAIT! We’ve also a Premium WordPress version.
Attributes of the Premium Variation


Everything in no cost, plus:

  • Sticky Footer Person with Soundwave
  • Continuous Sound Playback / Persistent Player (Brand-new)
  • Elementor Widget with 70+ Styling Alternatives!
  • Scrollbar substitute for scroll inside your tracklist
  • Volume Control
  • Shuffle Tracks
  • Tracklist Perspective with the Sticky Gamer
  • Alternative to automatically stop participant when monitor is complete
  • Option to set a standard sticky player which will load on all of your pages
  • Statistic Reports
  • Check out listen counts on every tracks, playlists and music player within WordPress
  • See tracks downloads statistic
  • Leading Played Tracks/ & MP3person charts
  • Filtration charts by days, days and months
  • Get insights studies directly on your dashboard for several of one’s audio players.
  • 12 months of priority support through our live life chat!
  • 12 months of automated plugin updates!


This plugin is made for:

  • Music Producers
  • Musicians
  • Artists
  • Record Labels
  • eCommerce
  • Audio Studio
  • Recording Studio
  • Bloggers
  • DJs
  • Preachers
  • Sermonizers
  • Music & eBook Sites
  • Podcasters
  • Online Course Creators
  • Music Store Operator
  • Membership sites
  • Digital product retailers
  • Agencies
  • Freelancers
  • Non-Profits
  • Charities

Anyone who can reap the benefits of adding audio on the website can reap the benefits of using this audio gamer!


The Sonaar Team will not constantly provide active assistance for the FREE MUSIC PLAYER plugin on the forums, once we prioritize our dedicated helpdesk help. Priority support can be acquired to individuals who bought MP3 Player PRO only.


This free WordPress MUSIC PLAYER plugin has been produced by Sonaar Music. Our award-winning Audio WordPress Themes & Plugins empower a large number of artists all over the world.We provide gorgeous WordPress themes crafted for DJs, Artists, Podcasters, Tunes Bands and Document Labels. By offering stunning and unique designs and plugins to the audio industry and providing excellent friendly customer care, we aid our backers to create a solid brand awareness to allow them to engage more enthusiasts and followers. Our style templates for WordPress could be adapted to any design of music from Hip-hop, Jazz, DJ, Techno, Electro, R&B, Rap and EDM Songs.

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