Oxygen Elements for WooCommerce v2.0

Oxygen Elements for WooCommerce v2.0

Make the Store You Want
With over 20 highly configurable WooCommerce elements, there is no limit to what you can create​

Shop Page
Style your products list quickly and easily with the Products List element.
Control every aspect of the way your store’s products are displayed.

Individual Products
The Product Builder element makes it easy to insert individual aspects of
a single product page in any order you’d like. Price, title, images,
description – all completely modular.

Cart Page
Go deeper and customize the cart page using the Shopping Cart element.
Give your customers a truly custom experience.

Checkout Page
A generic checkout page just isn’t good enough. Use Oxygen’s Checkout element
to customize the final step in the purchase flow.

My Account Page
Make account management beautiful with Oxygen’s My Account element.

Download Oxygen Elements for WooCommerce v2.0

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