v.7.0.2 -Download WooCommerce Composite Products Nulled

v.7.0.2 -Download WooCommerce Composite Products Nulled

WooCommerce Composite Products plugin helps you allow customers to compose a product from different components according to their custom requirements. This applies to computers, bicycles, furniture, etc.

You can add selected products, categories, and tags to be selected as components. Use different layouts to show product parts and set base prices for each. You can limit the number of components a customer can select.

You can encourage making a product with custom components, you can give discounts as well. Mark the essential parts as mandatory and the rest as optional. By linking components, you can depend one part on another. Select either to charge the shipping fee on the individual units or as a whole.

Key Features of WooCommerce Composite Products Plugin

  • Facilitate customers to build products
  • Add store items as components to form products
  • Set a base price for each part or component
  • Display components in 3 different layouts with a variety
  • Limit quantity of component a customer can select
  • Offer discounts and mark the components mandatory
  • Link components, Charge cumulative or per-item shipping fee

WooCommerce Composite Nulled Demo

Download WooCommerce Composite Nulled Products v.7.0.1

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