BricksExtras | Premium Bricks Builder Addon
v1.1.1 Null Fix

BricksExtras | Premium Bricks Builder Addonv1.1.1 Null Fix


The Bricks Addon you’ll use on Every Project.
BricksExtras is a growing library of elements & features, with a strong focus on accessibility, flexibility and opening up more possibilities of what you can build with Bricks.
Add Interactive Effects
( Can be applied at the container level, so any elements an be added )

Build it the way you want.
The goal of BricksExtras is to help extend your capabilities with Bricks, to assist your everyday workflow without adding unneccessary restrictions or getting in the way.
Dynamic Data & Query Loops
Take full advantage of Bricks’ dynamic data options and ability to use Query loops to dynamically populate element content.
Flexibility > limited settings
Nobody enjoys having a limited number of layouts / styles to choose from. Instead get the functionality you need from the elements and retain full control over the design.
Developer docs
Need to trigger something outside of the built-in settings? Find JS events and functions in the docs that you can use in your own code to extend the use cases.
Accessibility as Standard
Where possible, the elements are done-for-you accessible. And, of course, you have control & can tweak to best match your needs.
Frontend & Backend Speed
No jQuery on the frontend, VueJS elements for the fastest performance on the backend. Minimal structural CSS. Enjoy the ‘next-gen’ performance matching that of any native Bricks’ elements.
Support & Extensive Docs
We’re here everyday helping people build their best WordPress sites. Full documentation of all features, video tutorials showing use cases (coming) & ticketed support if you need some help.


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