Helen's Spa - Beauty Spa, Health Spa & Wellness Theme v2.8

Helen’s Spa – Beauty Spa, Health Spa & Wellness Theme v2.8

Welcome to Helen’s Spa theme, a beautiful Spa theme to showcase your Spa, beauty parlors, hair salons, unisex gyms as well as exclusive male and female gyms, wellness centers, salons of all types, massage centers, yoga studios and just about any hospitality center!

A beautiful homepage greets you with its subdued splendor! A bewitching display of the services available in your Spa center could be displayed here. Hot stone massage, oriental Spa manicure and massage therapy reveal their short descriptions with an appropriate cost. What is more, a cool Call To Action button “Book Now” would entail a quick decision from your visitors.
Scrolling down, you would be able to explore the other services available in the Spa such as Skincare, Massage Therapy, and Body Treatments. You would also find a appointment booking form using which you can book an appointment for the service you require on a specified date.
More modules are made available on the Homepage that would help you to expound your services in more depth to your visitors. This feature is followed by a 3 column blog posts which help you further to showcase your services and therapies clearly to your customers.
The blog section is followed by the Team Section, wherein you can have your therapistsmasseurs & masseuse , besides other medical specialists like Dermatologists, Physiotherapists and others working in your center.

What follows the Team Section, is the Testimonials section, wherein you can display the feedback of your customers about your treatments. The procedures and their details could be summarized here giving more details about the unique treatments and therapies your Spa offers.

Finally, the Homepage offers a Newsletter pop up inviting the visitors to opt-in for your Newsletters to stay updated with the latest offers from the Spa. The address, email and contact numbers provided here to complete the invitation.

Moving on, Helen Spa offers a About Us page, a Services page with a dedicated subpage on Procedures and Procedure Details, a Therapists page and finally a Why us page.
Let us see in depth, how you could use these pages to derive maximum mileage out of them.
Here you could display your services in its full splendor with beautiful images and a beautiful timeline is provided for you to recall your glorious past history. Use these features to your advantage and market your Spa’s treatments and offerings.
Using this page, you will be able to showcase your myriad features of your Spa treatments and procedures at a glance. More modules are available to display your therapies and rejuvenation treatments to your customers.
The Deal Timer or Announcement Timer or Countdown Timer is a case in point. You could display your varieties of treatments, the number of active customers, the locations your business is available, and the number of employees you have. The sky is the limit for your creativity in displaying your business scenario. In Helen Spa theme, there are many modules of Tabbed Document Interfaces as well as Timeline features. Use them to your advantage!
You would also find a number of creative modules of Tabbed Document Interfaces in Services Page, that would help you display your services in more creative ways by this tabbed feature. It is a novel way to showcase more information in a relatively smaller space.

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