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Overview of Adsense And Superfast WordPress Theme
For those of you who work in the online world or are used to creating blogs, you are certainly familiar with the name Adsense. Yes Google AdSense is a publisher or advertising medium from Google so you will get revenue from showing Adsense ads on your site

AdSense has the function of displaying relevant ads from the content you create on your site. These ads are created and paid for by advertisers who want to promote their products.

Because the advertiser pays for different ads at different prices, the amount you earn will not be the same. Enough reviews about adsense.

Okay, this time I created a wordpress theme that works optimally with your adsense with good ad placement and high CTR. With a simple design and fast loading theme, I call it Superfast WordPress Theme.

The design of this theme is responsive, why should it be responsive?

Maximize your website in all browsers from desktop to mobile. Google recommends you to use a responsive design. This is so that the website can also be optimally loaded on the smartphone. Here are Google’s recommendations regarding responsive design: Google About Mobile Sites.

In addition, this theme already supports official AMP, and did you know that a responsive website makes your website more mobile friendly and profitable.

Regarding SEO, you don’t need to ask anymore, the theme that I created, God willing, can be relied on for on-page SEO.

For more details, let’s move on to the superfast theme feature.
High CTR Ads Place
More than 9 ad places, ranging from floating left, right, bottom ads, to ads in the middle of the paragraph that can maximize clicks on your ads.

All ads can be disabled, so you don’t have to worry about the policies of the ad providers.

3 Blog Layouts
There are 3 blog layouts that you can use easily with just 1 click via customizer settings.

With this feature, you can more freely determine a good blog layout for your website easily.

Fully Search Engine Optimized
Ever heard of I don’t think there are too many themes that support Superfast theme already supports it.

In addition, this theme already uses a good SEO structure for the placement of h1, h2 and h3.

Fast Loading
As the name implies, this theme loads fast. Access speed is very important so that your website is indexed quickly. In addition, the speed of the website is also highly favored by search engines and of course your visitors.

As a note, website speed can be reduced if you install too many plugins and javascript.

AMP Official plugin support
For amp needs, our theme supports official amps, either using the default settings or transition if you want your amp layout to be adapted to the default theme.

Breadcrumbs Rich Snippets
There are also rich snippets that make search engines love your website even more. With breadcrumb rich snippets, there is navigation when visitors find your website on search engines.

Social Share
There is social sharing that is equipped with opengraph. Lightweight social share without javascript.

But if you are bored with how it looks or feel lacking, don’t worry, this theme has full support for sharedaddy Jetpack, so you just have to activate Sharedaddy jetpack and the share button will automatically be replaced with Sharedaddy from Jetpack.

Gallary in single post
Version 2.0.0 already available gallery on superfast. With this feature, you will easily create a gallery on your wordpress. You just upload your single it will automatically generate a gallery at the end of the post.

Unlimited Color
You can change all the colors in the magazine pro theme, from the top navigation to the copyright, just by using the customizer.

600+ Google Fonts
There are more than 600 Google fonts that you can use to change the letters on the website, and you can also change the font size.

FB Pixel and Google Analytics
There is an option to enter facebook pixel id and google analytics code. This you can use to analyze your visitors and for your FB ads needs.

One Click Update and Import
This feature is very useful to make it easier for you to update and import demo data, just one click to update your theme without having to bother downloading and uploading.

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